Kath, Your kind heart and wonderful talents have blessed my life! Thank you for sharing your generous giftedness with me and so many others!  Evon

Kathleen Lynch has been treating me with Healing Touch since January 2010.  I developed Guillain-
Barré Syndrome (GBS) in May, 1999.  I have suffered from polyneuropathy especially in my legs, feet and
hands for the last 10 years.  I have polio-like symptoms which require use of a wheelchair.  Since Kathleen
has been treating me with Healing Touch, I have become able to walk with use of a cane in public.  I have
increased feeling in my legs, hands and feet- something I’d given up hope of years ago.
I don’t understand the science or art of Healing Touch, but I do know the hope it’s given me for a
more normal life.  Kathleen is competent, caring and extremely trustworthy as a Practitioner.  She is
knowledgeable and continues learning new techniques- the sign of a true professional.  –David Sekhon