The Citadel Building in Uptown

1516 West Lake Street, Suite 210

Minneapolis, MN 55408

Directions: The Citadel Building is located on West Lake Street at Irving.  It is just west of the Hennepin & Lake intersection–just west of Lunds and across Irving from Barbette Restaurant.  There is parking behind the building–off of Irving Ave S and metered parking in front of the building on Lake.  Lake Street is one-way there, going east, so if you are coming from Hennepin Avenue, you have to approach the building from the south at 31st Street or from the north at Lagoon Ave and turn onto Irving.

For Handicapped Parking you have 2 options:  There is parking in the lot behind the building.  Or with your handicap license plate or sticker, you are exempt and do not have to feed the meters in front of the building, where a ramp is conveniently located.