The charges for Massage Therapy or Energy Therapy  have the same hourly rate.  I am required by the State of MN to collect sales tax of 7.775%. *  If you have a Health Savings Account (HSA) I am able to use that for payment, providing you have approval.

.5 hour–$42

1 hour–$70

1.5 hours–$105

2 hours–$140

Holistic Treatment-combined Massage Therapy & Energy Healing for 1.5 hrs to 1.75 hrs–$125

Pre & Post Operative:  This would include several treatments, approx. a half hour in length.  The same rate  would apply.  Please make arrangements with Practitioner.

Laughter Yoga:  Clubs or Presentations to be arranged.

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* A sales tax EXEMPTION may apply if you provide a letter from your doctor, chiropractor or therapist recommending Massage Therapy for your medical treatment.  It must be on their letter head or from a prescription pad.  It does not require the number of treatments or for how long, just that they recommend Massage Therapy for the treatment of, for example, stress reduction or their scoliosis or headaches.  It is renewable yearly.