3rd Anniversary!

by Kath Admin on June 20, 2013

Thank you for supporting me these three years!  It is with much joy and enthusiasm that I begin my 4th year at The Citadel Building in Uptown.

2013 is the year of transitions.  I don’t know about you, but it has been and is looking to be quite the ride!  Change can be exciting and maybe a bit scary.  Massage Therapy and Energy treatments can be helpful with these challenges.   I am ready and available to assist clients through these transitions and challenging times.

Some of my changes are small and others are more challenging.  My name should be appearing on the marquee/signage on the outside of The Citadel Building.  I am hoping that, in addition to reassuring people looking for me, it may attract new clients.  On a recent trip to Tucson I attended the International Gem and Mineral Show and brought back a few beautiful items for sale, such things as:  Brazilian purple quartz crystals and agate slices of many shapes and hues, Himilayan salt crystal lamps and candle holders, small hand-held massage stones and a few beautiful and unique handcrafted earrings.  My sons will be helping with improvements to my website, maybe even a complete overhaul.  And ideas are coalescing for a new logo, which would include changes to my business cards and gift certificates.  Several people have suggested getting listed on Yelp! and Angie’s List.  Please keep an eye out for an email with links to these sites, in case you would be  willing to write some recommendations for me.  Later this month, I will be taking a few classes, hoping to expand my knowledge and experience, to bring some new and exciting skills to the table.  As always, I am available for treatments by appointment.  I don’t keep regular office hours so that I can be available most times.  I will be taking the day after Independence Day off for a kayaking trip and a week in mid-September for my oldest son, Ryan’s wedding to the lovely Michelle.

Summer is a time for outdoor activities, making the most of the short warm season.  Be sure to keep hydrated and stretch out those muscles.  When you overuse or pull muscles use ice.   Think:  Drink!  Drink!  Drink!  And:  Did you ice?!  Have a wonderful summer! Enjoy and remember:  Massage is the answer…   Who cares what the question is?

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