Leg cramps

by Kathleen Lynch on August 7, 2011

Recently several clients have asked about relief for leg cramps.  Leg cramps may be caused from exercise, vitamin deficiency, after sleeping, exercising too soon after eating or possibly as a side effect from cholesterol medications.  You first ask yourself if you are doing anything differently.  Are you using your body differently?  Are you eating differently?  Have you started any new medications?  What’s different?  The basics are:  hydration, calcium, potassium and magnesium.    Are you drinking enough water? Usually the response is “no.”  More water is most often what’s needed.   A glass of milk will provide calcium, a banana- potassium and calcium, and nuts- potassium and magnesium.  If your leg cramps began soon after starting a cholesterol medication, consult with your doctor.  Leg cramps can be caused by bed covers being too tight or heavy across the feet (extra blankets, etc.)  When the feet are pointed too long, the calf muscles are engaged for a lengthy time and cause them to cramp.  What is needed is to engage the opposite muscle, the Tibialis Anterior, on the front of the shin.  That is done by bringing the foot toward the knee rather than pointed.  I have found that by stepping down on the foot,  bringing it into a more normal position, can disengage the calf muscle and calm the painful cramp.  Then you should massage the calf and maybe even use ice on it. Remember:  Think water, calcium, potassium,  magnesium.

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Evon Hill August 9, 2011 at 10:07 am

What great information! Thank you for posting something so helpful to address the health and well-being for all.
You are the BEST!!

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