Fall Update and Sports Massage

by Kath Admin on November 18, 2010

The Twin Cities Marathon is called the most beautiful urban marathon in America and this year it lived up to it’s reputation!  It was crisp, cool and ablaze with color!  I participated this October by plying my trade with elite athletes prior to and after the marathon–real Sports Massage.  The elite athletes I worked with on Saturday (pre-event Sports Massage) were pleased that we offered such a service.  Many routinely work with Massage Therapists, as an integral part of their training regimen, but not all marathons offer free Sports Massage.  They felt like royalty.  Sports Massage after the marathon (post-event Sports Massage) was a LOT of work–one athlete after another after another for hours.   It was very satisfying to see once grimacing, limping, pain-ridden athletes peel themselves off the table smiling and upright.  I see this demand for Sports Massage as a sign that Massage Therapy has become a mainstream activity– more so, than when I started out twenty years ago.

A requirement to getting my Sports Massage Certification twenty years ago, was to do Sports Massage for at least three sporting events.  I opted to work at a triathlon,  a local community 10K and to help out the Ski Patrol workers at a Birkebeiner.  It was an exciting time, as people weren’t used to receiving Sports Massage.  I felt privileged to be able to work with such a diverse population of athletes:  runners, bikers, swimmers, and the overall exceptional athletes of the Ski Patrollers.

I have done Sports Massage on soccer players, rugby players, wheelchair racers and ball players, and on musicians (as they use their bodies as gruelingly as athletes)–young, old, middle-aged, college and Olympic athletes.  Similarly, I’ve soothed muscles after people have shoveled out after a snow storm, repaired the roof, hiked, canoed, or planted the garden.  Whether the activity is for fun or need, when we use our bodies in the extreme, whether we do it regularly or on occasion, sometimes we just need to soothe out those aches and pains, get rid of those cramps, and get that circulation going again.  Massage Therapy can be that restorative balm.

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